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High Seas Dance Competition Guidelines 
Each studio can compete any number of routines.
Age Divisions
Contestants shall compete at their actual age the date of competition. 
Please pay attention to the date of your  competition and any and all competitors.
Petites 5-8 • Junior – 9-12  • Teen – 12-14  • Seniors – 15-19 
Average age (for any division other than a solo): To find the average age of an entry, add all the dancers' ages together and divide by the number of dancers in the dance. Drop any digits to the right of the decimal point and be sure not to round. i.e. If the average age is 11.8, drop the number to the right of the decimal point. The routine would then compete in the Teen division, Age 11
General Divisions, Fees & Time Limits
Solo • 1 Dancer Duet/Trio Small Group 5-9 Dancers   Large  Group • 10+ Dancers 
(2.5 minute routine - 1 minute set up 1 minute clean up)        
*A one point (-1) deduction will be made for each second over the time limit. Time limitations will be strictly enforced.
Performance Categories
Music Theatre - Jazz - Tap - Lyrical/Contemporary - Open
Platinum,  Gold ,  Silver, Bronze Awards will be decided by a predetermined range of points for each place.  There may be multiple Platinum, , Gold , Silver and Bronze.  Awards in each age group and category. (You are competing against the score sheet)
Overall recognition and medals will be given in the following four Divisions  1st, 2nd and 3rd place
SOLO - Trophies + (1st $250* - 2nd $200* - 3rd $100*)
DUET/TRIO  - Trophies + (1st $500* -  2nd $400* - 3rd  $200*)
SMALL GROUP - Trophies + (1st  $1000* -  2nd  $750* - 3rd  $500*)
LARGE GROUP - Trophies + (1st  $1500* -  2nd  $1000* - 3rd $750*)
Please note: All travel vouchers are toward Championship Cruise.  Vouchers will be mailed to the Studio Director or Teacher after the competition.
*Voucher values are based on having 150 entries per competition. 
HSDC  requires judges to have extensive knowledge in the basic techniques of each performance catagory. After evaluating the basic techniques, according to the age of the dancer, an assessment is made. Other items may enter into each evaluation – ability to properly execute the movements, balance, control, stretch, fluidity, and musical timing. In addition, when it comes to the dancers ability to perform the choreography the following is also considered - use of music and musical phrasing, use of space, dimensions or levels, appropriateness of the technical level for the age of the dancers, emotional content, age appropriate in concept, movement and style, creativity, and originality.
Judges will score on the following criteria:
• TECHNIQUE: 25pts (training, skill, level, age appropriate, choreography)
• ARTISTRY: 20pts (execution, showmanship, presentation)
• CONCEPT: 10pts (originality, staging, costume, props)
• STAGE: 10pts (confidence and expression)
• OVERALL: 5pts (final assessment, overall performance)
70 points per judge x 3 judges = 210 per event 
*IMPORTANT: In the case of a tie for any placing, the tie will be determined and awarded by a judges’ poll. HSDC will provide the judges critiques and score sheets. These critiques will be emailed to the participant after the Cruise competition. By entering HSDC Competitions you accept that the decision of the judges is final.